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Art Psychotherapy (Midlothian)

The service gives people the opportunity to work with their
mental, emotional and physical wellbeing using art materials alongside talking.

Those who attend Art Psychotherapy will learn more about themselves, their relationships and their feelings and through this awareness begin to make changes in their lives. We offer one-to-one therapy and group work.

The art materials can give a voice to feelings that are hard to express. Sometimes words may not be easy, but squeezing wet sticky clay, drawing, painting or cutting things up can give expression to something deep down. 

One to One Art Psychotherapy

We initally offer three sessions and then carry out a review to decide the next steps.

Group Art Psychotherapy

We run three groups

  • 4 week ‘taster’ group
  • 6 month short-term group
  • a year long-term group

How to access the service?

You can self-refer or be referred by someone else. Please contact us for further information.