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Our re:discover Befriending Service in the Borders has been shortlisted to win local funding. We now need your vote to win!

re:discover matches people experiencing social isolation as a result of living with mental health difficulties with a volunteer befriender, who will work with and encourage them to reconnect with their community. We encourage independence, helping people to identify what they can do and providing stepping stones to help them to realise their potential.

We know from feedback about our re:discover services that creating opportunities for service users and volunteers to come together in their own community works:

'I feel more connected and meet nice people I can rely on and because of that I feel my mental health is much better.'

'I am really happy to be matched with someone local living in my town it means I get a chance to get out of the house and enjoy the conversation.'

We also know from consultations that people living with mental health difficulties feel they would benefit from opportunities to access the outdoors and be more active.

So, with Scottish Borders Localities Bid Funding, re:discover Borders would offer a new programme, bringing service users and volunteers together as a group to increase their confidence, knowledge and skills in outdoor work such as rhododendron clearance and bird box construction.

If you would like to see a new opportunity to combat loneliness and increase social connection by using the outdoors to promote mental wellbeing, please vote for us here.

You can find out more about re:discover here.

Thank you!