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Iona is a General Nurse who, on 7 July, took on a huge challenge for her local mental health charity. So far, she has raised over £1,000. Here’s her story, and why she is raising money for Health in Mind.


On 7 July, Iona took on the Great Glencoe Challenge, hiking 26.2 miles through some of Scotland's most dramatic scenery to raise funds and awareness for Health in Mind.

"[Working as a nurse can be] extremely stressful and high paced... I crave the outdoors as my stress reliever and standing at the top of a mountain is my ultimate head space.

I am really passionate about discussing and highlighting mental health awareness and wellbeing. I am lucky enough to be able to say that I have never personally [experienced] low mental health... However I have friends who have.

[As a nurse] I care for people's physical health but I am seeing more and more how important their mental health [is, and how it] also affects the physical side of recovery.

I'm hoping by raising money for Health in Mind I can contribute towards helping those who need the support from the charity as well as hopefully encouraging people to get outdoors more and seek the benefits from exercise and the beauty of nature."

Following a tour of our office, Iona is now in the process of becoming one of our befrienders, donating her time to support people with their mental health. For more information on the Great Glencoe Challenge, please visit here and don't forget to visit Iona's amazing Instagram page for all her incredible outdoor adventures @iona.adventuring. For more information on befriending, please email