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'I started with Health in Mind in December of 2018. I worked in the travel sector prior to working in therapeutic counselling. During that time, I also studied psychology. Psychology is my counselling base point and my intention was to stay in this field. It was around this time too, that I volunteered with Samaritans. This continued for a period of around five years, and it was whilst volunteering, that I realised how much I’d like to be involved with counselling.

For Health in Mind, I am a therapeutic counsellor. I help individuals explore their feelings, their emotions, and to make sense of their world.

My work and personal experience has made me very aware of how modern societal living brings with it some complex issues.

In everyday life, and everyday work, a lot of people experience difficulties. For instance, most people have experienced low mood, but we just do not talk about it. We seem to be a society that encourages people to say that they are well, but people are not really encouraged to say when they are not well or not feeling happy.

Also, my feeling is that we do not allow ourselves time to process things and sit with our thoughts. Even when we are on a bus, we tend to get out our phone. Our mind is constantly doing something. When we have a few minutes, for instance, it’s likely spent on social media, or T.V. Reflected too, in today’s office-based work, for instance, there’s no real lunch hour anymore. It’s sometimes a fraction of that, or a work-through-lunch, sandwich at the desk. We just do not seem to allow time for mental processing.

Life seems complicated compared perhaps to bygone days where, for instance, a child of a farmer would grow up to be a, predestined, farmer. There seemed a simplistic and planned life, devoid of decision-making. In modern day society, I think we put quite a lot of pressure on people to do things that they have no natural affinity towards. I feel that a large number of people, at one point or another, will have experienced a bottle-neck, where they can’t seem to move, or can’t do right for doing wrong. To me, this is signature of modern day living. It’s not easy, for individuals.

Health in Mind is promoting mental wellbeing. Their aim is for help to be available to all. Therefore, as well as the Resolve Counselling Service, Health in Mind also offers services to a wide range of people to enable them to access support. There is a lot of support offered here. As a result of this, Health in Mind is active in making positive mental healthcare more available to more individuals.’

If you would like to access our paid-for counselling services which help support our free of charge charitable services, please visit our Resolve Counselling page here.

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