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This full day course is from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Who should come on the course

The course is part of our Core Learning series.
Boundaries are essential to all work within the Health and Social Care field. This course will help staff, volunteers and students reflect and examine their practice in the way it relates to boundaries.

The aims of the course

The course aims to ensure that staff and volunteers working directly with people understand the importance of their role in maintaining appropriate boundaries in their practice.

The objectives of the course

The course will ensure people have:
• Explored their own understanding of boundaries
• An understanding of the kinds of experiences that have an effect on a person’s sense of their own boundaries
• Explored situations that challenge our boundaries, including appropriate responses
• An understanding of what helps to support workers boundaries.

Our trainer

Jean Budge is one of our leading trainers. She is a very experienced psychotherapist and supervisor of counselling and support services. She has led Health in Mind’s Trauma Support services for many years and designed and delivered a range of levels of training that ensures our practice stays informed by good practice.