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This half day course is from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Who should come on the course

We consider this course as part of our Core Learning Series and one of the essentials for all staff and volunteers who are supporting people who have mental health difficulties.

Over the last 15 years, working with a recovery focus has been shown to be a vital way of supporting mental health and wellbeing. The course is based on the Essential Shared Capabilities and the Realising Recovery longer programmes which have been major practice development initiatives in Scotland.

The aims of the course

This course aims to enable staff to learn about how and why working with recovery is an underpinning framework to all mental health work.

The objectives of the course

Participants will:
• Develop the practical habits and ways of working that builds recovery
• Gain a good understanding about why recovery is an essential practice
• Explore the different dimensions of what underpins recovery practice.

Our trainers

Duncan Wallace is the Learning and Development Co-ordinator at Health in Mind. Duncan worked and lived with people who are homeless in London and Glasgow before moving into staff training and organizational development work where he has worked with many different types of health and social care organisations.

Alan Burnett is our Learning and Development Assistant with over thirty years of lived experiencing of mental health issues.