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This half day course is from 10.00am to 4.00pm

Who should come on the course

This course is led by one of the leading psychologists currently working on hoarding in Edinburgh. She will be accompanied by one of the members of the only Scottish hoarding self-help group as well as someone who works as a de-clutterer.

The aims of the course

The course aims to impart a good understanding of the impact of hoarding. It will benefit anyone who supports someone who is a hoarder and help them to understand what triggers hoarding will benefit and how to change hoarding behaviour.

The objectives of the course

Participants will:
• Gain an understanding of the key features and psychological aspects of what is Compulsive Hoarding
• Learn an overview of the different types of hoarding
• Hear about the development pathways and individual treatments that help
• Use and Application of de-cluttering approaches.

Our trainer

Kirsty Anderson is a leading chartered clinical psychologist working in the NHS in Edinburgh who co-facilitates a monthly self-help group about hoarding.