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This half day introductory level course is essential for anyone working in health and social care

Who should come on the course

We are all on the mental health spectrum in one way or another. This course gives an overview of all aspects of mental health and wellbeing. The stigma surrounding mental health still has an effect on how we approach mental health and wellbeing but by becoming more aware of what mental health is, as well as some practical tips and helpful information on how to develop resilience, participants are better positioned to both look after themselves and help others.

The course works well with all types of staff and volunteers. It is interactive, with a full range of approaches including quizzes, poetry, case studies, presentations, lots of discussion, narratives of recovery and skills practice.

The aims of the course

The course will give awareness of mental health and how to work well with people experiencing mental health difficulties.

The objectives of the course

Participants will learn to:
• Refresh and clarify their understanding of what mental health is
• Gain an overview of the types of mental health and wellbeing
• Consider the impact of stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues
• What techniques and strategies can support this priority group
• Why a recovery approach must be at the heart of engaging with the client group
• Think about how best to look after our own mental health.

Our trainers

Cindy Saunders leads a range of community-based services with Health in Mind. She has worked in and developed many different types of services supporting people and has been a leading training on a wide range of topics and skilled practice interventions.

Alan Burnett is the Learning and Development Assistant with over thirty years of living with mental health issues. He has been a leading trainer with Health in Mind for over five years.