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This one day course is from 9.30am to 4.30pm

This course is part of our Skilled Practice Series enabling health and social care staff in all settings to learn at greater depth about subject areas

Who should come on the course

A large amount of mental health and wellbeing issues are related to anxiety which most people have experience at some point. The course will be helpful and insightful to anyone wanting to understand anxiety and how to better deal with it.

The aims of the course

Anxiety can be a helpful normal reaction to keep people safe yet at what point does it become a disorder? The course will enable you to recognise anxiety in yourself and others and how to deal with it.

The objectives of the course

Anxiety comes in different forms and you will:
• Learn to understand how anxiety works; how the physiological effects, symptoms and causes
• Learn about the range of anxiety disorders
• Explore what are effective self-help and professional assisted supports for the different types of anxiety
• Look at how anxiety effects and is affected by other mental health experiences.

Our trainer

Cindy Sanders leads a range of community-based services for Health in Mind. She has worked in and developed many different types of services supporting people and has been a leading trainer on a wide range of topics and skilled practice interventions.