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This two day course is from 9.30am to 4.30pm

For staff who have a specific remit to respond to the needs of survivors on a regular or intense basis

Who should come on the course

Trauma Level 3 is for staff who have a specific remit to respond to the needs of survivors on a regular or intense basis. You will be expected to have the knowledge required for Level 2 prior to attending and to have completed Trauma Level 2 training before coming on Trauma Level 3. This is a practice based course, so participants who have been working in this or a similar field for over 18 months will get the most out of it.

The aims of the course

Participants will learn how to continually build trust and develop recovery focused relationships with people affected by trauma and have a greater understanding of the effects of trauma and the experience of the survivor. They will have reflected on their practice and gained understanding of the different ways of working.

The objectives of the course

Participants will:
• Develop an understanding of the neurobiological basis for trauma symptoms, including natural resiliency
• Learn about disassociation and how to work within the 'window of tolerance'
• Be more able to recognise and support the person to mitigate the complex risks when they occur
• Develop the skills of how to recognise and safely respond to disclosure
• Learn to be trauma informed when developing a collaborative plan for support
• Be able to match different levels of intervention according to need
• Learn how to provide psycho-education around trauma symptoms and needs
• Learn when and how to refer to Tier 4 psychological interventions.

Our trainer

Jean Budge has led Health in Mind’s Trauma Support services for many years and is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and supervisor. Trauma Services is a specialist support service providing support to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Jean is one of our leading trainers in this field.