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One day course is from 9.30am to 4.30pm

Who should come on the course

The one-day training course is for all staff, volunteers and anyone working within Health and Social Care.

The aims of the course

The Equalities and Diversity course is designed to develop more knowledge, awareness and understanding of the key concepts relating to discrimination, equality and diversity, enabling staff to continue to promote and enhance their organisation as a diverse anti-discriminatory organisation that raises expertise and promotes good practice in Scotland.

The objectives of the course

Participants will learn how to:
• Understand the impact and implications of our own personal attitudes, values, beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes
• Analyse the origins, context and manifestation of discrimination in society
• Understand an overview of the current and future Equality and Diversity legislation
• Examine the importance and effects of the use of language within our diverse society
• Develop an awareness of cultural sensitivity and celebrating diversity with society
• Challenge discriminatory attitudes and behaviour effectively
• Consider what your organisation needs to do with regards to planning for future effective good policy and practice on equality and diversity work within the organisation.

Our trainer

Priscilla Marongwe is a professional facilitator and consultant with a focus on the sustainability of equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights in organisations. She has worked with a wide range of industry sectors at all levels in the statutory, institutional and voluntary sectors; in the field of construction, domestic abuse, homelessness, health, housing, sport, social care and education.