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If you are looking for information on Health in Mind or for services or organisations to help, we have a number of resources that can help you:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Websites

If you live in Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian or West Lothian, you can access mental health and wellbeing information specific to your area online.

The websites are managed by Health in Mind and the service directories for each area contain the details for hundreds of local services in each area. You'll find the websites will help you to find appropriate local mental health services; make informed choices about treatment and care; find ways to maintain mental health and wellbeing, explore self-help opportunities as well as news and information about training courses and events.

You can link to the websites below

Press and Articles

If you're looking for recent press articles and adverts relating to Health in Mind or any related organisations and services, you'll find them under our news section.


If you're interested in mental health policy and research, details on research that Health in Mind has been involved in, including recent reports from the Equally Connected project, are found in our research section.

External Links

Sometimes Health in Mind isn’t exactly what you were looking for, or you need another organisation too. We understand, so here’s a list of associated links to help you get started on your quest through the internet.