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We have lots of fundraisers - from challenge events to gelato to knit and stitch events. We even had a hat party! So the world really is your oyster when it comes to being creative with fundraising. See some of our fundraising in action below!

Crystal Dome Challenge!

Four fantastic Health in Mind supporters took part in a fun ‘Crystal Dome Challenge’ to raise money for mental health services! They jumped up and down inside the dome for a minute and grabbed as many little pieces of gold foil as they could. They did a great job and managed to raise £174 for Health in Mind. The event was organised by easyfundraising which is a great way to raise money for charities, schools, sports clubs, community groups and other good causes just by shopping online. If you would like to raise money for Health in Mind using easyfundraising you can do so here.

Wine Tasting with Great Grog!

On the 4th April, we combined efforts with Great Grog to host a lovely Wine Tasting evening at the Cafe Camino, on Little King Street. Lots of lovely photos below! (Many more found on Facebook...)

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Race Night

Health in Mind volunteer Trisha held a fantastic race night in aid of Health in Mind

Trisha says… 

“Health in Mind is a charity that I hold very close to my heart, and I feel that it provides much needed, worthwhile services within the field of mental health. Having had experience in both my professional and personal life of the effects of mental illness on the quality of people’s lives, I wished to be part of the support network at Health in Mind as a befriending volunteer. 

“However, I felt I could do more in terms of contributing to the security of the charity, enabling Health in Mind to continue their amazing work. I decided to hold a Race Night Fundraiser in June 2013, and found being part of the fundraising team to be a great experience. It allowed me to challenge myself in new ways, and in raising a massive £1,423.32, I feel really pleased knowing that through challenging myself, I was able to help Health in Mind continue their work. Fundraising was a wonderful experience, and I encourage others to get involved. Mental health is such an important issue for all of us, and it is comforting to know that help is there for ourselves, for our loved ones and our friends, if ever we need it.” 

Winter 2013: A Charity Fashion Show

Thursday 28 November 2013 saw Health in Mind hold their first ever charity fashion show at British clothing label Jack Wills’ Edinburgh store. 

Health in Mind volunteer, Alastair, organised the event. He said,

“Having been inspired by other charity fashion shows such as the St Andrews’ Charity Fashion Show and the Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show, I knew that Health in Mind deserved such a glamorous event.  I believed that such an event would be a great opportunity to spread the word about the charity to a demographic yet untapped by Health in Mind – university students. 

My biggest challenges were the acquisition of catering services, Silent Auction prizes and, funnily enough, chairs for the event!  However, through perseverance and determination, I managed to get the support of Big Red Teapot Ltd to donate catering services, providing a Hendricks Gin bar and canapés.  The likes of the Roxburghe Hotel, the Orocco Pier Hotel and Charlie Millers, to name but a few, were amongst the Silent Auction prize donators.  With the Sheraton Grand Hotel providing the chairs, the event went off without a hitch. 

I was stunned and proud to find that the event raised over £1200. Organising the event challenged me in different ways, from building up my courage to simply ask people for things, as well as improving my organizational skills with keeping everything together. 

Health in Mind is a wonderful charity with a worthwhile cause and I am pleased to be able to support their cause through organizing this event.” 

Pub quizzes! 

Health in Mind volunteer, Helen, organised a couple of pub quizzes on the 5th June and the 4th July in aid of Health in Mind. She had this to say… 

“Volunteering for Health in Mind was lots of fun, and I spent half of my placement in the Fundraising department as it was one of my Project Scotland placement objectives to organize fundraising events. I put together a few pub quizzes and got a bunch of my friends and colleagues to join us in the Blind Poet in June, and in the Counting House in July – massive thanks to them for allowing us the space! I was brilliantly supported by Katherine, Health in Mind’s Community Fundraiser, who was always full of encouragement along the way. 

Everyone had a great time – especially playing ‘Name the Brain’, and we made over £140 to contribute to Health in Mind. People are still asking me when the next pub quiz will be – hopefully someone else will carry on the event!”

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